How To Lose Lower Back Fat

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If you are wondering how to lose lower back fat, maybe this will help you. Getting rid of the fat that is on your lower back is one of the hardest areas to target on your body when losing weight. Why? We have no idea but it’s true. With exercise and dieting, you should be able to lose it, but only when you are prepared to lose overall body fat. Below are three methods that will help you lose lower back fat.

The first method is exercise. One of the best things that you can do is engage in cardio workouts. For good results, you should exercise for 30 minutes or more at a time and for 3 to 4 days a week. Some of the exercises that you can do to strengthen your back muscles are: rowing, boxing, and swimming. Cardio exercises can tone your back and also reduce the risk of heart disease, improve heart function, and much more. Below are some more exercises that you need to check out.


Try interval training. Interval training helps you lose fat quickly and all over your body. One of the things you can do is run for several minutes, return to a slower pace for 5 minutes, and then speed up the pace for another 2 minutes. High Intensity Interval Training is a good way to go to raise your metabolism and improve your cardiovascular health. It will also burn a lot of body fat and eventually whittle away the lower back fat.

A good workout you can do from home involves tying a resistance band to your doorknob and then putting a chair 2 feet away from the door. Once this is done, you hold the ends of the band in each hand and bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Pull your arms back and hold this position for 10 seconds and release. Repeat this 7 to 10 more times. Another workout at home that you can do is lower back extensions. This type of workout targets the lower back. For this workout you will need to lie down on your stomach. Put your hands behind your head and then lift your chest off the ground. Do this 10 times and for three sets until you can do more sets.

Start lifting weights but start off slow. You should not have strain too much when you lift them at first. Doing bent over flys can help build muscle in the upper region of your back. Hold dumbbells in both of your hands and then bend over. Lift up your arms until they are as high as your shoulder and then lower them back down to your sides. Do this for 8 times and for three sets until you can handle a heavier set of dumbbells.

Method two is dieting. The first thing that you can do is cut your caloric intake. Cutting out 500 calories a day and exercising on a daily basis will help you lose about 1 pound every week. Just cutting calories can help you lose the weight but without back exercise, you muscles in your back will not get toned. You want to eat foods that are low in calories but take up a lot of space so that you will feel fuller with fewer calories.

You should eliminate all high-calorie drinks. Sometimes we forget that drinks can have just as much calories or more as foods that we may consume. Replace the juices and sodas with sugar-free teas and water.

Another thing that you can do when it comes to eating is spacing your meals every few hours apart. Remember to keep the meals small. This will help you so that you are not hungry and then have to eat more. If you work for many hours, make sure that you bring something to work with you such as nuts or fruit. This should help combat overeating for dinner.

Another idea is using an upper body ergometer. An ergometer looks like a rotating bicycle with handlebars. With this equipment you turn the handlebars with your hands while you are standing or sitting in front of it. For good results, you should use this equipment for 10 minutes or more every other day. As far as how much you could lose on it, a 155 pound person can burn up to 246 calories in about 30 minutes or so.

As far as tips go, it is a good idea before you start a health plan though that you get a health clearance from your doctor. You should also not do too much right away as you could hurt yourself. Start out slow and then build yourself up. Also when it comes to back fat there are certain cardio workouts that work better than others. One of these exercises may be rowing. Rowing target the muscles in your back.

So if you do these things, it should help you to lose lower back fat and also the fat that you have all over your body.