5 Helpful Tips for Becoming an E-Commerce Web Designer

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An e-commerce web designer is meant to work in a broad range of creative businesses. These include layout and graphics design to create web page content. The kind of field this designer is into continues to develop because of the many opportunities in the World Wide Web that allows businesses to have a global reach. If you are considering becoming like this kind of designer, here are things that you must do.

1. Get at Least a Bachelor’s Degree

It is important that you finish your college education up to this level. To become an e-commerce web designer, you can choose from useful fields such as visual arts, communications, computer science, marketing and graphic design.

2. Complete a Formal Training and Education

When you are in this particular field, you will have plenty of job opportunities. But to make yourself qualified, you must attend a graphic design diploma program or associate’s degree and then complete it. You can take such program at a trade school but you can choose to enroll yourself in some colleges if you want to focus on a narrower field.

3. Practice Your Written Communication Skills

In order to make yourself marketable in the future, you should have skills like making copy for websites. There is a growing number of e-commerce web design jobs out there which specialize in copy editing and copywriting.

4. Build a Portfolio

To make this possible, you can start working as a freelancer. As you start, you may be required to work as a volunteer or for meager wages. But you will have to demonstrate your versatility and capability in order to have a steadier and higher-paying work. Continue to work freelance so that you can build a stronger portfolio until you become popular. You must be ready to perform some self-promotion efforts so your career as a freelancer will grow. Freelancers compose the minority of jobs in the whole e-commerce web design field.

5. Scout for Established Companies Online

If you wish to become an e-commerce web designer who works full time, you should get yourself under the umbrella of established companies that conduct their business online. Although some of these types of designers work freelance, majority of these professionals work for companies. You just have to keep in mind that designers who have well-rounded skill sets are mostly favored by employers in the graphics design field. Such skill sets include design software familiarity and computer graphics knowledge.