How Your Workplace Environment Impacts Your Health and Energy Levels

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Your work environment has a vital key on your efficiency and productivity at work. Many people face harassment and bullying. Harassment and bullying are problems in the workplace that may impact your mental and physical health. You may face a deprived feeling, loneliness and in severe cases these may lead to chronic mental health problems, digestive upset and high blood pressure. In worse cases, may indirectly lead to the formations of free radicals if not repaired by your immune system, leads into cancer cells. Workplace aggression is a much broader problem which aggravates this situation. It can lead to affecting other areas including relationships with oneself, friends and family.

Various kinds of conditions that impact on mental wellbeing include; verbal violence, physical attack, threatening behaviour, intimidation and abuse on social media. These behaviours are a form of bullying and is harmful to employees physical and mental health.

In the same way substance use, misuse, abuse and coping strategies can have an important impact on mental health at work. Addictions and mental health conditions can be exhibited concurrently. It is important to be aware of this circumstance. Though, it is often the addiction that first gets noticed, especially in the workplace and is usually lastly recognised from family members.

Generally, substance misuse becomes a problem when an individual has lost control over their use and/or continues to use in spite of experiencing negative consequences, which leads to substance abuse and dependency. Employers must look for caution signs that indicate a worker may be struggling with substance abuse. When the issue is addressed early on, there is a higher rehabilitation rate. A few signs of substance abuse are like to those caused by increased stress, lack of sleep and physical or mental illness. It is advisable not to assume that an employee has a substance abuse problem; however, ignoring warning signs will only make the problem worse if someone is indeed struggling.

These all conditions directly or indirectly impact the mental energy, concentration and motivation. A compromised mental health results into the individual losing motivation and self-love to continue eating a balanced diet and exercising thus, diminishing physical health. Early notice of these signs may help to control the situation at right time. As the well-known saying goes, “Prevention is better than cure.” This is also true for a harmonious mindset and balancing negative thoughts, in the way of recognising and rectifying the issue from early onset and tackle it from the start than waiting until it is too late.

When the mental state is challenged, this decreases the individual’s energy level. The brain requires energy to function, when its state is altered in a negative manner, the mind uses up more of the body’s energy reserves to continue functioning at maximum efficiency. Just like a car which is fuelled with premium petrol and is not maintained properly, it will not function at its best capacity. The car needs to serviced regularly, the oil needs to be clean and refilled, the radiator fluid, water and battery all need to be refilled and working at its optimal in order for the car to run at maximum efficiency. Without all these parts operating at its best on an individual basis, then the premium fuel will only take the car so far.

In conclusion, when we are working in a harmonious environment, our body and mind can run at optimal efficiency with enough energy reserves to focus on other key areas in life.