There Are Some Cool Things You Can Do With Your Tablet

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A tablet is really just a very small computer. It even has a keyboard; however, it is a digital keyboard that you have to drag to the screen to use. It doesn’t have quite the computing power or versatility as a personal computer but it does have some pretty cool features.


You can listen to music with your tablet and it’s small enough that you can do it while you are mobile. Try doing that with your laptop. It has the capacity to store thousands of songs and with up to ten hours of battery life, you can dance through your day.


One of my favorite features is the ability to sit and read. Due to the portability and great battery life, the tablet is perfect for reading a good book while you are waiting for the train, plane, or taxi. The best part is the tablet has enough memory to keep several e-books available at a touch, for some entertaining reading, when you have some time on your hands.

A Baby Monitor?

Okay, I’ve never used it for a baby monitor but I know someone who claims it works great. Just how he did it-I didn’t ask-but he was able to set it up not just for listening but video as well. Boy, times sure are a changing. If you have a baby or one on the way, keep in mind that you can use your tablet to aide in keeping an eye on your little-bundle-of-joy.

An Alarm Clock

Well, of course you can. We all need an alarm clock, right. But it is more than just an alarm clock for getting up in the morning to start your day, it can be used to remind you of something you need to do like calling your boss, to give her an update on your article deadline. Because your tablet is small and portable and the battery last so long, you can take it with you everywhere.

In Conclusion

A tablet has many possibilities beyond even what the manufacturer’s envisioned. In our world, portability, versatility, and longevity are very important when it comes to our computing needs. Only a few uses have been shared in this article. What do you use your tablet for? Use your imagination and ingenuity and pass along some more tablet knowledge to help us all take full advantage of this magnificent little computer.