What a School Physical Entails

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A physical examination of your child every year before you send them back to school is absolutely necessary. It will help prevent injuries, common illnesses and also keep them fit and healthy so that they can perform well throughout the year. A physical exam will also help you identify any potential problems and allow you to treat your child as early as possible. It is recommended that you go to a doctor and get a check-up which includes testing your child’s general health.

General Physical Check-Up

Depending on the age of your child, the doctor will check their height, weight, blood pressure, fitness levels, etc. If it is the first time your child is visiting that particular doctor, they will also ask for the medical history of the child and possibly of the family as well. An in-depth history is required in order to keep a look out for possible weaknesses that your child may suffer from. Younger children may also need to get booster shots for certain vaccines. Old injuries may be examined again to ensure that they have healed properly. This physical check-up will depend on the age of the child, health issues and duration gap between check-ups.

Behavioral and Psychological Assessment

Besides a physical assessment, it is also necessary to assess your child’s behavioral patterns. This is extremely necessary especially when they enter a new school. The doctor will sit down with them and ask them various questions about their school life, extra-curricular activities, friends etc. If a child is overweight, the doctor will try to find out the reason for this problem and advise them on how to exercise properly and maintain a good diet. A number of problems suffered by a child are often due to mental stress or pressure at school and by diagnosing these problems, the doctors can help them tackle this pressure.

Counseling for Children and Parents

Children and parents need to be counseled so that they know how to get through the pressures of school. This is the perfect time for parents to state their concerns to the doctor and find ways to deal with them. If the child has problems keeping up with the rest of the class, the doctor will be able to advise the parents on how to go about teaching the child at home and may also be able to help the child understand how to study to their best capacity. As children grow up, it is also necessary that they are counseled on various issues like alcohol and drug abuse. A lot of parents do not deal with these issues properly at home and the children can learn a lot more about the risks and consequences of bad habits from a medical professional.