What You Can Do With Your Old Computer

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In today’s world, having the most current technology is essential. A new, up-to-date computer will enable you to keep up both intellectually and technologically with the current trends. But what should you do with your old computer?

Give it to a Family Member

Although you know the value of keeping with current technology, not everyone is able to. We all have relatives who simply cannot afford or are not interested in keeping current. That being said, why not gift your old computer to that relative, especially if they have children. Even an old computer is better than no computer. You’ll be helping them connect with the world and build essential skills.

Donate Your Old Computer

There are many organizations that will accept your old computer as a donation. These are often used to set up schools with computers, who otherwise do not have the budget to buy new ones. The importance of our youth learning computer skills cannot be overstated-it is vital. When you donate your old system, you are helping someone develop skills that will last a lifetime. That feels pretty good and you deserve to feel good.

Network and Use for Storage

Networking your old computer to your new, current PC is a great use of your old system. Once networked, you can easily begin to store songs, backups, photos, and many other files on your old computer. This will keep your new system running fast and efficiently. Speed and efficiency are two things you can certainly use-am I right?

Use it for an Alternate Operating System

Using your old computer to run an alternate operating system is another great use of your old system. This is something I do. I am a fan of Linux but the Linux operating system has limitations. To deal with this shortcoming, I primarily use Linux, Ubuntu to be more specific for my everyday work; but, I have another computer with Windows, for when I need to run a program that only works with Windows.

In Conclusion

Don’t throw your old computer in the garbage. This only contributes to overflowing landfills and a waste of a resource. Think of a way to re-use your old system. Donate your old computer to a local school, network it to your new computer, use it for an alternate operating system, or use it for storing files; just don’t throw it out. Recycling or re-using is a great way to contribute to a sustainable world. I think you will agree that we all could do a little more to embrace sustainable practices.