Why OS X Is Better Than Windows?

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Currently, there are three main things that distinguish OS X from Windows which many people point at. Game lovers allege that OS X does not provide them with the needed game-play. On the other hand, programmers claim that Windows is the best for developers in the sense that it provides them with many options. In addition, it is more agreeable that the cost of accessing the platform is lower for a Window-based PC than for an OS X-based one.

One may not understand this but the fact is that OS X has a number of advantages over Windows. However, this depends on what you want to do with your PC; it is easier to work on an Apple platform than on Windows. Furthermore, to some branded software, every Mac contains various cheaper and similar programs as compared to the software on the Windows platform.

The following are some of the advantages an OS X has over Windows:


Whereas Microsoft comes with a number of wonderful programs, OS X has the additional advantage of an iLife Suite. The apps have been crafted to offer excellent performance during their application. They help in managing photo collections, editing of videos, creating music as well making you enjoy a wholly-featured video and music store. Besides, they do not require installing any additional app.

OS X has an email app feature that is easy to use. Some people find it much better than Thunderbird, a Windows email program considered as the best. Perhaps this is why some people were reluctant to switch to the Mail app as a replacement to Thunderbird. But the mail app has proved to be much better than many other email applications which are more expensive.

App Store

An app store that controls its applications’ flow is preferable because you not only make your purchases through one particular company, but you will also be spared the trouble of dealing with malicious apps. Consequently, in case you experience any problem with the apps, you will have the opportunity to settle it once and all with the app store itself rather than have a dispute it with retailers and/or software manufacturers.

You will access the OS X updates with a lot of ease. All that is required of you is to check for them through the Mac App Store and all your related apps will be updated at once without separately fussing with each program. This makes it a one-stop-shop for all software you wish to install on your PC.

Low levels of virus threat

It is important to note that quite a big number of users are at risk of falling victims to the viral attacks. OS X, in this case, is also vulnerable to viral attacks; however, for a decade now, viral incidences on this particular platform are few as compared to Windows whose anti-virus programs are frequently updated on a daily basis to track the newest threats. These include the Web-based exploits, spyware and malware. Although technically these scripts are not viruses on their own, they can pose as security threats to anyone ranging from individuals to business organizations. This is not to imply that OS X is safer either; viral attacks on the latter have also been reported. The point here is that it is safer and advantageous to be on a platform that enjoys a more secure atmosphere..

Stability and Flexibility

It is argued that OS X is a great and more consistent operating system as compared to Windows because its hardware profile is more predictable. This is attributed to the fact that OS X has been designed with a particular hardware in mind. Since its limitations and requirements are standardised across the board, it enables developers to work within a foreseeable set of structures. This is unlike when dealing with Windows where you can’t tell which odd hardware interface can interact with what process to prevent your video card from crashing your entire system.

OS X can run the rival operating system within a virtual machine, a trick which Windows can’t pull since it doesn’t have a supported method to run the OS X in order to match it with Windows programs. OS X provides the option of running Windows through programs such as VMWare Fusion and Parallels. You can use Boot Camp to run Windows as a primary operating system on boot-up.

When it comes to hardware, there is a slight difference between Macs and PCs. The major difference between the two platforms lies in their software but which at most, is insignificant. It is difficult to categorically tell which of the two is better – OS X or Windows? It all depends on individuals – their specific preferences and needs. Although some people like the OS X UI, others find Windows a great platform for gaming and doing various things they enjoy better. Whichever you choose, it all lies in your preference!