Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend!

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So, did you recently break up with your girlfriend? And still you can’t stop thinking about her and possibly want her back? If this is your exact situation then you need to take some action about it. Desire alone won’t get her back, you have to. Analyzing what you did to let her drift away, or wasting your time being depressed is useless. You need to act smart, think clever and let her believe that you actually deserve her. Now its time for you to get prepared and play the moment perfectly.

To start with and most importantly, you have to find ways to get yourselves emotionally unified. First of all, respect her feeling and it would be best to communicate yours too. How is she supposed to know what do you feel if you don’t express your emotions and feelings to her, and don’t talk to her about it. Don’t let her alone do all the talking, you also have to open up yourself. Communicate. Send her a message or just give her a call, I bet that it would also spark up some love in her heart too. You can drop her an email or if you want to try something old fashioned then you can send her some red roses with a heart felt message hand written on a card. Don’t be shy, let loose your romantic side and show her that love is not dead it just needs to be reminded sometimes.

Men generally don’t give importance to small details like birthdays, telephone numbers, date of something special or name of her dog. Rather these are things which matter most to her and women usually pay a lot of attention to even smallest details and times in their life that are important to them. It is always good for her to know that you consider these things as important as she does. If you have forgotten her birthday in past, imagine how happy she will be when you remember it next time and make it special for her. Do you remember the first day you met?If not then, Find out. Most of the women see it as very important day in their life. If you tell her how that day changed your life for better, she will definitely start appreciating your depth of feelings for her. It will make her feel connected to you in a special way. Just get some details sorted out and it will multiply your chances of getting her back.

But remember, don’t cross the line between being attentive and stalking. If you ring her 30 times a day and constantly send her messages, you may piss her off. This act will not seem sweet rather she will feel awkward that someone is keeping a watch on her. If you don’t give her space, she may freak out and even see you as a threat. I know it can be very hard to do, but you must try and control your emotions enough to help you get her back.

Find ways with which you can improve yourself and your relationship. Don’t think about how you two broke up, that was past and it is out of control so why regret something which can’t be un-done. Try and think about why you fell in love with her. Try to re-live those moments, look deep inside your memories and recapture the person you were at that time. Focus on getting back to place where you two were happy and content, with things in common and joint goals and interests.

Dump all the negative memories in your relationship. Going over bad experiences, things you didn’t agree upon, may sour your heart and thin your chances of getting her back. Forget the past, think of the future together. And above all, remain optimistic and positive as they will support you with your way of getting your love back. Let her know that you want to share the journey with her. You have changed and you can prove it. Talk to her and tell her your plans for the future. Find out if you both want the same things out of life.