Personalized Storybooks for Your Child

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Personalized Storybooks for Your Child
After the birth of our daughter, we thought it would be a bit much for us to try and tell her a story from start to finish, so in addition to some old ones, we created personal stories for her as well! This is just something that I enjoy doing. She isn’t old enough yet to read them but, if she does then there will definitely be no judging. Just give yourself the opportunity to make this book for your child, and you will have found a new and unique way to entertain or teach children their reading skills through simple storytelling! We hope that these books will spark a sense of imagination in you and your little one just like we did! As parents and caregivers of toddlers, my main goal as an author and illustrator, is to give my kids and they of you all the chance to learn how to read. Read when they are three weeks and older, because reading is more important than the age that they are. It brings them into the world and helps instill a love for reading in them. My focus is on helping my kids to practice what they are learning, by telling fun stories about children who go out to play and live their lives. There are so many more areas than just the actual reading and making money aspect of being a business owner in the family. Our little girl was very enthralled with these stories so we made a few more storybook lists to help spread interest, and I hope you find them as helpful as possible to fill your children’s days! By creating personalized stories for your child, you can do these things:

You can take a few different storybooks and place them in different categories, depending on whether you find them funny, informative, fun, encouraging, etc. You can even put them in the wrong genre and pick any other category. Take a couple of your favorite children’s books and create a custom-made version of them. Each time you pass them, make sure you take a second to glance at the cover just in case they are not yours. If you don’t know that they are yours, then take pictures and print away your own copies of those books. Then, you can send each book to the company that you work for and ask them to print the copy for you. When doing this, be sure to print an instruction sheet for it. A copy of this is available online if you want to print it yourself.

Once you have done this, you can give your child two choices that you both want to take. Do they like the movie or the TV show? What kind of car would you rather drive? Write a dialogue in which you get involved. If someone asks, then write in details your answers so that your little person has a grasp of what is happening the same way a child would speak without knowing it’s happening. Now, you are looking to make the same choices for your little family. Maybe we will make several personal stories for our little princess and you decide to have your kid choose between “I want a rainbow cake” or “I want a blue beach” The possibilities are endless!

There is only really one rule to choosing books for your son and daughter: “Pick 3 to 4 books from each category” The reason why I say this for us is because I realized that sometimes we just have a lot of choice! So, I am going to include a couple of my favorites in what you can do as well. They are as follows so please take a moment to think about which you prefer and don’t feel pressured to find what you want. Be creative about your choices! Pick what works for you and let me know! Any questions, comments, suggestions, any sort of support would be welcome here. Thank you all for taking the time to look over these and let me know what is there to say.

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